Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emotional Pain

At night when i write its like a hit a vein all my emotions spill out and i cant control this pain writing this right now the ink is everywhere this shit is insane but mentally I’m fine this is just emotional pain ill wipe my eyes and in the morning it will be like nothing ever changed

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dumb Trend

Walking through the mall with bags in her hand this girl dropped out of school cause she had a big ass in her pants she found her "soulmate" who throws cash in her hand she didn't want to listen to her mom so she became an adult in advance looking at kids today I see the trend will extend but not with my daughter I'm going to put a book in her hand12dots


Women are like a sunrise in a nation at war, when you smile the sky get jealous. Your probably saying im your dream boyfriend but i don’t want to be the one you dream about when your bored, i want to be the one you think about on your lunch break when your feet ache, i want to be the one you talk to before you close your eyes,so im the first person you think about when they open back up, i want to be the one that wakes up with you and greet you with the sunrise, i want to be the one you need to complete your life not the one you want to come around like once or twice. So when i say hi say something back a hi would be nice but a number would be iight because before i get where im going i might have already called you once or twice 12dots